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play with the flavor

home made yummy ice cream.

Kids Party Ice Cream.

Our love and pop is a fun product for our mommies to play with the flavor of their kids ice cream. We can use this molds to introduce new fruit and veggies, or create an unique recipe that fits your child. Lovn’pop is that perfect ice cream you really want your kids to enjoy since is a home made yummy ice cream.

Delicius LovNPop® IcePop Maker


Families, teachers and friends, everyone can participate. Our mission is to make each bite full of Love and Emotion. We are proud of every LOVPOP we have brought, cafeterias, picnic tables, kitchens, and lunch spots. We are sure that you enjoy us as much as we enjoy our life.

The LovinLunch collection gives children the love of sharing and a healthy lifestyle. Our innovative, new and creative products encourage parents around the world to revitalize a love of nutrition, fun and communication.

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