Each Lov is designed to help you in the daily adventure of being a parent.

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Smile on every bite

My Lovin Lunch is all about education through play and nutrition. Our mission is to help families maintain a healthy lifestyle for children and teens.

Our products are simple to use and easy to clean while providing hours of learning fun in the kitchen.

Luz Tinajero

A mom that would love to make it easier for her and for others, always thinking about a healthier style of raising our kids in a fun and entertaining way. Creator of Mylovinlunch a project full of love and surprises for our little ones, and a way of helping others moms with the struggle of being a mother taking care of her kids, career and family.

We are parents

MyLovinLunch is a company devoted to improving the everyday lunch experience. It creates innovative products and entertaining curriculum that allow children to eat better while creating a healthier planet.
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MyLovinLunch products are designed to help make life a little easier and more fun. We first started as a lunchbox company selling a cute lunchbox with pockets on the side to hold treats.